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Printing & Scanning in the Library


There are two GoPrint stations available on the first floor of the library.

Print from a desktop computers in the Knowledge Commons

  • Login to the computer using your university login and password
  • Open the document you wish to print.
  • Select print & follow on screen directions. 
  • Go to the printing station and login.
  • Your print job(s) will appear.
  • Click on all jobs you wish to be released for printing.
  • Approve the use of printing funds from your account.
  • Pick up your print(s) from the printer.


Print from your own device 

  • Visit to the Wireless Print Anywhere page
  • Follow the directions ( you should upload all documents you wish to be printed while you are on the page)
  • Go to the print station you will login with your MU login and password
  • You will then be asked for the 4 digit code you created when you uploaded the documents for printing


Printing 50 or more pages? You will need to send your print job in parts.


  • Send the print job for pages 1-49, then The print job for pages 50-66. 
  • Walk over to the print station to release both prints at one time.


Please note: There is no color printing available in the library. 


Common Printer Problems (Document from IT Department)

Printing Costs

Prints per semester:  300

Cost per print:  .05 cents

Total GoPrint $ allotment per semester:  $15

A Few Quick Facts About Printing:

  • Each student at Millersville University is given an allocation of printouts for each Fall and Spring Semesters in designated lab printers on campus.. This is part of the tech fee paid each semester and as a result there is no additional cost to the student.  
  • For calendar purposes Fall Semester will be defined as July 1 – December 31; Spring Semester will be defined as January 1 – June 30.
  • Printers will default to double-sided printing (one page, double sided = 2 prints).
  • Unused printouts will not be rolled over to the next semester.  On the first day of each semester each student will start with a new print allotment.
  • Unused GoPrint money will not be reimbursed to the student.
  • Printing beyond the MU Print Allotment per semester will be at the cost of the student via Marauder Gold.  Once you have exceeded your MU Print Allotment you will need to use money in your Marauder Gold account in order to print.

For the most up-to-date information about printing at Millersville University visit the Printing at MU Guide


Image of the scan station in the library. Scanner bed is on the left & touch screen is on the rightThere is a scanner located on the first floor of the library in between the two GoPrint stations, behind the red pillar with the Scanner sign on it. Scanning is free.

You can scan to:

  • USB
  • gmail

Printing and Scanning Photo Gallery

Library GoPrint printing station

Look for a GoPrint station like this at the library to print.

Touch screen scanner - located on 1st floor in Knowledge Commons

touch screen directions on top screen & touch screen choices on the bottom screen

Easy touch screen scanning!


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