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We have a variety of areas, spaces, and rooms to meet your study needs.  Whether you are seeking a quiet place to study, a place to meet for a group project or a space to inspire creativity, we have a space for you here at the library!

3rd floor study with a friend

3rd floor study on your own

3rd floor study in a group

A view of the Knowledge Commons from the second floor.

A birds eye view of the Knowledge Commons from the second floor.

A young woman sitting in soft furniture reading a book and a young man working on a laptop

Room 100 study area with relaxed seating for reading or computing

A large room with tall ceiling. Room has floor to ceiling windows looking out on campus.

Room 100 study area with a view of the George St & Frederick St intersection

Group study spaces are rooms and spaces in the library where you can meet with

  • a study partner
  • your group members to finish a group project
  • study with friends
  • practice a presentation

Group study spaces listed below may be used only by making a reservation


Floor Study Space Numbers Number of People



3 to 6 people

2 to 3 people

2nd 210A, 210B

3 to 6 people



306A, 306B


3 to 6 people

2 people

2 to 4 people

4th 402, 405 3 to 6 people
5th 505A, 505B, 505C, 505D 2 people
5th 509 2 to 4 people
6th 602, 604 3 to 6 people
7th 702, 705 3 to 6 people

For complete details about the capacity for each study space and for details on how to book a space

go to the Group Study Room Booking webpage!

Quiet Floors

The sixth and seventh floors of the library are quiet study floors.  

What you'll find on the sixth floor:

  • Work stations with dividers
  • Outlets

What you'll find on the seventh quiet floor:

  • Lounge seating
  • Outlets

Floors Where Quiet is not Required

Study floors where students can collaborate and hold discussions are located on the first, third and fourth floors of the library. 

What you'll find in the first floor Knowledge Commons:

  • 2 print stations 
  • A scanner
  • Computer work stations
  • Lounge seating
  • Tables for group work
  • White boards
  • Outlets

What you'll find on the third floor:

  • Tables for group work
  • Work stations with dividers
  • Group study spaces
  • Outlets

What you'll find on the fourth floor:

  • Lounge seating
  • Group study spaces
  • Outlets


Reading Room

The Reading Room is room 100. It is located on the first floor of the library, near Starbucks. 

What you'll find in the reading room:

  • A beautiful view
  • Lounge seating
  • Small round tables
  • Lots of natural light

NOTE: While this is not a designated quiet space it is respected as a quiet area for contemplative work.

Garden Room

The Garden Room is room 117. It is located on the first floor in the far corner of the Knowledge Commons. 

What you'll find in the Garden Room:

  • Lounge seating
  • Fireplace - See associate in circulation to turn the gas fireplace on
  • Beautiful view of the Reading Sculpture Garden and Outdoor Classroom
  • Lots of natural light
  • Two stained glass windows which, originally created for and installed in Old Main chapel.

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