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Getting to and from the Library

There are several accessible options for patrons traveling to and from the library building. These include: 

  • Bus Stops in front of the building on George Street.
  • Curb Cuts in front of the building in George Street.
  • Accessible route from George Street to the front entrance.
  • Vehicle drop-off on Ganser Loop near Dutcher Hall, north-east of the building.
  • Curb cuts on Ganser Loop at the accessible parking and drop-off.
  • Two handicap parking spaces on Ganser Loop near Dutcher Hall, north-east of the building. 
  • Accessible route from the drop-off and accessible parking to the front entrance.
  • Lighting at the handicap parking spaces and along the route to the building. 

Please see the campus map to find the locations mentioned here. 


picture of library front double door entrance. Powered door opener is to right of door and magnified to highlight its location

The front entrance to the library building, located on George Street is accessible.

This accessible entrance includes:

  • Handicap accessible frame.
  • Power door operators. 



The library has accessible restrooms. These include:

  • ADA accessible restrooms on lower level 1 (LL!), first floor, third floor, fifth floor, sixth floor and eighth floor. 
  • ADA accessible gender inclusive family restroom on the first floor, across from the DLS.

NOTE: Mezzanine levels do not have restrooms. 

Drinking Fountains

The library has accessible drinking fountains located outside of each restroom on LL1, first, third, fifth, sixth and eighth floors. 

Millersville University's Statement of Commitment to the ADA

Millersville University is committed to equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination for all students, employees, applicants for admission or employment, and all participants in public University-sponsored activities.  In keeping with this commitment, and in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  the University will make every effort to provide equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination for all members of the University community and visitors to the University, regardless of any disability an individual may have. The library supports the university to provide accessible spaces in the library building.

Visit Millersville University's ADA page for more information.




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