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McNairy Library and Learning Forum Policies

McNairy Room 104 Reservation Policy

What is the space?

The McNairy Library & Learning Forum Classroom supports active learning through a democratic instructional space and engaging educational technologies. Although the two sides of the classroom (104A and 104B) can operate as separate instructional spaces, the room is typically left open and connected unless honoring a specific request. At its fullest capacity, the room can support up to 65 students, but is best utilized for groups of 40 or less. 

104A (Nearest the Alumni Room):

36 moveable seats

18 small moveable tables (can be reconfigured into larger working spaces)

30 PC Laptops

1 overhead projector

3 large monitors with apple TVs

104B (Nearest Starbucks):

32 moveable seats

12 small tables (can be reconfigured into larger working spaces)

30 iPads

Portable Projector

2 large monitors with apple TVs


Who can use the space?

McNairy Library welcomes Millersville faculty members who might benefit from the unique active learning capabilities of the classroom to utilize the instructional space during the first and last weeks of the semester. Due to the high demand for the classroom, and availability of reserve-able and less teaching focused meeting rooms in the library, we ask that reservations include specific pedagogical reasons for requesting the classroom.

Here are some questions to help you decide if this is the right room for you: 

Will your students be utilizing technology? One of the advantages of McNairy 104 is the availability of technology, including 30 iPads, 30 laptop computers, and Tidebreak learning software. If your visit to the library does not include technology, your students may be better suited by McNairy 106, which accommodates a similar number of students, has collaborative and moveable furniture, can be equipped with a portable projector, but lacks the specific instructional technology of 104.

Does your request fall within the middle of the semester? McNairy librarians lead information literacy instruction sessions for more than 3,500 students each year! To meet the needs of our faculty and students, we reserve the library classroom from the 2nd to 10th weeks of each semester. If your library visit falls within these weeks, we invite you to utilize one of our additional reservable spaces

Does your request fall on nights or weekends? Due to the large volume of instructional technology available in the classroom, McNairy 104 is one of the few library spaces that remains secured when not in use. At this point, we are unable to guarantee access to the space after 5pm on weekdays or weekends. Additional meeting rooms, such as 106 and 118, are available during these times. 

What would the library classroom allow you to do that your current teaching space does not? The McNairy classroom offers new ways to approach instruction. Are there active learning techniques you would like to try that your current classroom cannot support? Would you like to explore how technology might enhance student learning? We encourage innovative and creative uses of the space!


How can you request the space?

Please submit your request through our Library Classroom Reservation Request Form. We ask that requests for the first week of the semester be submitted at least three weeks before the requested date. Although every effort will be made to honor requests, reservations for the space cannot be guaranteed. If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Gold at


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