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A brief overview of the equipment available at the Communication and Theater Department's Communication Equipment Room ( CER ).


To utilize the equipment located in the Communication Equipment Room in Bassler Hall you must be an eligible Millersville University student, specifically authorized, and in good standing with the library. Any activities utiilizing equipment from the CER must be in accordance with theCommunication Equipment Usage Policy which must be signed and on file in the CER prior to making use of any equipment.

Some select information from the Communication Equipment Usage Policy appears below.

Eligible Students

A student must be currently enrolled at Millersville University and matriculating in courses.

The use of any equipment from the Communication equipment room requires that:

    1. A student be in good standing with the Library.


  1. A student be matriculating in a Department of Communication and Theatre course that specifically requires the use of equipment from the CER
  2. or
  3. A student be a member of a department extra or co-curricular organization using the equipment for an activity associated with the organization.

Students must completely and correctly fill out a CER Registration Form and then have it signed by the appropriate faculty member.

Students may not use any equipment from the CER for any personal or profit-making activity.

Students who do not adhere to the CER rules as set forth in the Communication Equipment Usage Policy will be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension of circulation privileges for CER equipment and library items. Individual professors will create their own policies concerning assignments missed as a result of disciplinary action.

Individual professors may include additional restrictions or requirements for CER equipment.

Specifically Authorized Students

Specifically authorized students means you have obtained a copy of the CER Registration Form, have accurately completed the form, it has been signed by an appropriate authorizing faculty member, and it is on file at the CER.

In Good Standing with the Library

"In good standing" means you have an active and valid library account and associated Library ID Number, no Grade or Transcript holds against your university account as a result of library related activities (excessive fines, lost or damaged materials, etc.) and any outstanding financial balances as a result of fines or fees are less than $25.

Specific Pieces of Equipment


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