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The Starting Point: General Databases

Use these databases as a starting point for your research. Their holdings are broad, which means many topics can be found in these databases.

Laws and Legislation

Statistics & Data

Policy Map Quick Start Video

The quick start video will walk users through the basic tools of this database, how to make a map, as well as customizing data layers and points.

Polling / Survey Resources

Company and Industry Information

Public Records

Collected Resources Made for Journalists

Related Guides




Resources to Assist with Information Visualization

Turn numbers into pictures!

Ever struggled with making sense of data? Data visualization turns hard to understand data into eye-catching visuals like charts and graphs that even your grandma could understand! Have you ever noticed colorful infographics or informative news charts? That's data visualization at work. Data visualisation can aid in decision-making and communication. Explore data viz with these resources we've curated for you!


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Sample Resources for Class Instruction - Beer Industry Associations

Answers to Computer Assisted Journalism (CAJ) Students Most Commonly Asked Questions

This video is located in MU Video. The description has time stamped list of commonly asked questions by CAJ students, such as:

  • How do we verify that sources are reliable?
  • When do sources start to lose credibility?
  • How many primary versus secondary sources should I use?
  • + many more!  

The video description in MU Video also includes links to supporting resources discussed in the video

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