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JoVE - Journal of Visual Experimentation - Science Education Collections

The Library has a trial to the JoVE Science Education Collections until May 9, 2018.

There are EIGHT distinct SERIES in the Science Education Collection.

The eight SERIES in the JoVE Science Education suite are as follows:

  1. Advanced Biology
  2. Basic Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Clinical Skills
  5. Engineering
  6. Environmental Sciences
  7. Physics
  8. Psychology

Each SERIES in Science Education contains between 2 and 8 collections of videos covering various topics in the series.

The content can be licensed "by SERIES" .... e.g, "Basic Biology series" and / or the "Chemistry series."

If submitting comments or conversing with colleagues, please be specific as to which SERIES you are discussing or would intend to use as required viewing by your students in a specific course.

General statements and / or feedback that lack specificity as to the particular series are not helpful in identifying content for license.

For the library to consider licensing various Science Education SERIES from JoVE, the Library will need to know specifically in what courses and how many of the videos are / will be or are likely to be assigned as required viewing by students.  These series individually and collectively are too expensive to consider for license if they are not going to be required viewing

Please note: We are NOT investigating license of the Video Journal content per se (although it is accessible as part of this trial).  That content is geared for the graduate / post doc audience and is generally not well utilized by undergraduate institutions / programs.

Advanced Biology Series

Basic Biology Series

Chemistry Series

Clinical Skills Series

Engineering Series

Environmental Sciences Series

Physics Series

Psychology Series

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